20/20 ATM & Merchant Services offers a wide variety of ATM services.

ATM Placement

20/20 ATM & Merchant Services offers you the ability of having an ATM placed in your business, without the hassle of maintenance , high overhead in purchasing an ATM yourself, or the cash needed so the machine generates income daily

With 20/20, we'll work with you to plan a custom-tailored solution that fits your needs and business needs. Having an ATM placed in your business makes you money every transaction instead of it costing you money if they use there credit card with the fees

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ATM Installation

Buying an ATM? Need it installed quickly?

At 20/20, our expert ATM installers will install an ATM in any business location for you.

With over 30 years in the financial and ATM industry, our team is ready and able to help you get your ATM up and running.

With the variety of other services offered, you will be able to rely on 20/20 for all of your ATM needs!

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ATM Purchasing

If you're looking to purchase an ATM, contact 20/20 ATM & Merchant Services to inquire about our wide selection of ATMs.

With 20/20, our service doesn't stop with the purchase of your ATM. While it can, 20/20 also offers a wide variety of services such as ATM Installation, ATM Repair, ATM Filling, and more!

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Mobile ATMs

Having an party? Running a concert? Holding an event?

Regardless the event, 20/20 ATM & Merchant services can offer mobile, on-the-go ATM's.

20/20 will send out a professional to place an ATM, fill the ATM, and be responsible for all maintenance.

The benefits? You get to offer your customers cash

Call us today or send us an email to learn more about our Mobile ATM services.

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ATM Repair

Having ATM issues? ATM not working correctly? Call 20/20!

At 20/20 ATM & Merchant Services, Inc., our trained team of professionals can quickly diagnosis and repair your ATM.

Regardless the problem, give us a call today and we'll get the ball rolling with getting your ATM back up and running.

A huge advantage of having 20/20 repair your ATM and fix your ATM is that 20/20 offers all ATM services available, allowing 20/20 to become a one-stop shop for your needs.!

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  • Retain more customers by offering more payment options
  • Allow your business the ability to do a higher volume of cash transactions
  • Get around the expensive fees that Merchant companies charge for credit cards
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